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Business description

Software engineering and product development company. Rainmaker provides software products for managing airline flight crew performance and all related costs. Our analytics solutions automate the calculation and processing of complex crew pay, provide deep insights into flight crew productivity, utilization (lineholders and reserves), absences, etc, and all related costs. Our solutions are widely implemented in Europe and North America. These solutions can be installed on-premise or fully hosted in the Cloud.

Products and services

Rainmaker business applications include Crew Pay Manager (automated pay calculation and processing for Pilots and Flight Attendants); Crew Analytics (deep analysis of flight crew utilization, productivity, costs and schedule disruptions); Operations Analytics (real-time management of on-time performance and impacts of delays); Fuel Management (analysis of fuel management, consumption, and costs as influenced by the actions of Despatchers and Pilots). All products are accessed by browser and mobile/smart devices. Issues and early warnings are proactively highlighted to airline management through alerts and notifications with full audit trail of actions taken.

Value proposition

Crew costs are second only to fuel costs in airline operations. Rainmaker manages pay for Flight Crew and provides deep insights into crew performance and costs. Rainmaker provides airlines with the critical tools to achieve better performance and manage costs in the important areas of flight crew and day to day operations.

Standards and certificates

  • ISO:27001

Key partners

• Seabury Consulting
• Accenture

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