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Business description

OncoMark is an Irish DIAGNOSTICS company focused on the development of novel panels of cancer biomarkers to aid treatment decisions and allow more tailored patient management, ultimately improving the quality of life for cancer patients. Our aim is to develop and commercialise a comprehensive portfolio of proprietary oncological assays that address unmet clinical needs and market gaps. OncoMark's lead product in development is a prognostic assay for early stage breast cancer, which determines the risk of recurrence for patients and thus identifies those that do not need to undergo chemotherapy.

Products and services

OncoMasTR is a novel prognostic assay for early stage breast cancer that is due for launch in 2018. The biomarker assay will determine the risk of recurrence for early breast cancer patients, thereby aiding clinicians in determining the best treatment options for their patients.

Value proposition

Improved diagnostic performance - The OncoMasTR assay will provide better performance in terms of prognostic determination than other tests currently available and will provide a binary output for decision making (i.e. there will be no intermediate group.) A binary output is the preferred output format for clinicians and is more clinically useful.

Advantageous/Favourable Format - The assay will be available in a kit-based format suitable for use in hospital laboratories, eliminating the need to transfer clinical materials off-site as with competitor assays.

Fits into Workflow - The OncoMasTR assay is performed using standard qRT-PCR procedures and equipment. qRT-PCR is a routine diagnostic technology, with systems commonly available in hospital laboratories.

Cost-effectiveness - The OncoMasTR assay will be significantly less expensive than the market leaders Oncotype DX and Mammaprint and as the assay will be performed on standard lab equipment, users will not need upfront capital investment.

Additionally, the OncoMasTR assay provides:
1. Coverage of lymph node positive breast cancer Incorporation of standard clinic-pathological factors Reduced complexity
2. 7 genes (plus 4 reference genes) are all that's required for this assay.

Standards and certificates

  • Completing certification process for ISO 13485 and expect to be certified in Q1 2018

Key partners

• ThermoFisher Scientific
• BlueBridge Technologies
• University College Dublin
• Trinity College Dublin
• Cancer Trials Ireland
• Lund University, Netherlands
• Cancer Institute Institute
• Curie Vall D'Hebron Cancer Institute

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